Listen Up!

Feel free to share Scripture and messages recorded live during one of our weekly worship services.   Or maybe you simply want to listen again–or you missed it the first time around!   

January 2021

What is This?

Scripture reference Mark 1:21-28

Jan 24 2021

Scripture reference:  Jonah

Miracle at Cana

Scripture John 2:1-12

See What Happens Next

Scripture reference Mark 1:2-12

No Really, by Another Road

Epiphany Sunday
Scripture reference:  Matthew 2:1-12

December 2020

Peace and Justice

Third Sunday in Advent: Peace and Justice Scripture: Isaiah 61:1-4 & 1st Thessalonians 5:16-24 Youth readings for third candle–JOY Link:

The Prince of Peace

Scripture reference Isaiah 40:1-11

November 2020

The Prince of Forgiveness

Scripture reference:   Isaiah 64:1-9

Spend Thrift Christianity

Scripture reference:  Matthew 25:14-30

Sheep or Goat?

Scripture reference Matthew 25:31-46