Listen Up!

Feel free to share Scripture and messages recorded live during our 10 am worship service.   Or maybe you simply want to listen again–or you missed it the first time around!   

July 2020

Seed & Sower

Scripture reference:  Psalm 119:105-112 & Matthew 13:1-9 & 18-23

Dumb & Dumber

Scripture reference:  Matthew 11:16-19 and 25-30

June 2020

Complaint Department

The Phoenix Salvation

Scripture reference Matthew Chapter 10
Prelude – How Deep the Father’s Love for Us (Stuart Townend, 1995), Kathy Combs
Opening – Praise the Lord Who Reigns Above by Charles Wesley, 1743 (Joe & Nina Payne, leading)
Piano Meditation–Compassion Hymn (arr. James Koerts, 2009), Kathy Combs
Special Music– Near the Cross by Douglas E. Wagner, 1995, Handbell Choir
Closing – Freely, Freely by Carol Owens, 1972 (Joe & Nina Payne, leading)
Postlude – Hymn to Joy (arr. John Carter, 1997), Kathy Combs
CCLI streaming license CSPL142417

Peace Be With You

Scripture reference: Romans 5:1-8
Prelude – Only Trust Him (John Stockton, 2004), Kathy Combs; Laura Ritter
Opening – O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing (Lowell Mason & Charles Wesley, 1839) Jill Bruce, Laura Ritter
Piano Solo – As the Deer (arr Roger House, 1984), Kathy Combs
Solo– He’s Always Been Faithful (Sara Groves, 2014), Laura Ritter
Closing – It is Well with My Soul (Philp Bliss, 1876), Jill Bruce, Laura Ritter
Postlude – Maker inb Whom We Live (George Elvey, 1868), Kathy Combs; Laura Ritter

CCLI streaming license CSPL142417

Things In Order

Scripture references:  Genesis 1:1-18 and 2 Corinthians 13:11-13

Musical selections:

  • Prelude Grace Greater than Our Sin…Arranged by Carol Tornquist, 2000, Kathy
  • Opening – They Will Know We are Christians by our Love (Peter Scholtes 1966), Choir Ensemble
  • Anthem – O Worship the King, (William Gardner, 1815) Addison Hodgson
  • Closing – One Bread, One Body (John Foley, 1978), Laura Ritter
  • Postlude — Crown Him with Many Crowns. (arranged by Carol Tornquist, 2000), Kathy Combs

CCLI streaming license CSPL142417

May 2020

With Us, For Us, In Us

Scripture references: Psalm 68:1-11 and Acts 1:1-11
Participating in today’s service:
Pastor: Rev. Lloyd J. Jones  Piano: Ms. Kathy Combs
Guest pianist: Miss Addison Hodgson  Flute: Ms. Sabrina Thomas
Guitar & vocal for How Great Thou Art: Mr. Ryan Miller
Liturgist: Ms. Brooke Hodgson

Musical selections:
Prelude — How Beautiful (T. Paris, 1990, arr J. Raney 2008), Kathy Combs & Sabrina Thomas
Opening – How Great Thou Art (Boberg

Power in the Time of Exile

Scripture reference: Acts 17:22-31
Participating in today’s service:
Pastor: Rev. Lloyd J. Jones
Music Director and Organist: Ms. Laura Ritter
Ensemble: Jill Bruce, Celeste Coward, Lindsey Cutshaw, Pat Herman, Catherine Sams, Sabrina Thomas
Piano: Clay Oglesby
Cello: D. Scot Williams

Musical selections:
Prelude — Cello Suite, Prelude (J. S. Bach), D. Scot Williams
Opening – Amazing Grace (John Newton, 1900) – ensemble
Prayer – Wye Valley (Raymond Haan, 2015), Laura Ritter
Anthem – O Love (Elaine Hagenberg, 2016), Choral Ensemble
Closing – Spirit Song (John Wimnber, 1979) – ensemble

CCLI streaming license CSPL142417

Troubled Hearts in the Time of Exile

Scripture reference: 1 Peter 2:2-5

Musical selections:
Prelude – Tributary (Twila Paris, 1990), Laura Ritter
Opening – Be Thou My Vision (Mary E. Byrne, 1905), Rebekah Collins
Prayer – The Church’s One Foundation (Samuel Wesley, 1864), Laura Ritter
Anthem – In Christ Alone (Keith Getty & Stuart Townsend), Rebekah Collins
Closing – Take my Life and Let it Be (Louis J. F. Herold, 1839), Laura Ritter

CCLI streaming license CSPL142417

In the Time of Exile Two

Scripture reference: Acts 2:42-47
Participating in today’s service:
Pastor: Rev. Lloyd J. Jones
Liturgist: Ms. Kathleen VanOrsdel
Piano and vocals: Ms. Laura Ritter
First UMC Handbell Choir

Musical selections:

  • Prelude – I Will Sing the Wondrous Story (arr Fred Bock, 1996), Laura Ritter
  • Opening – Welcome Happy Morning (Mark Bloedow, 1989), handbell choir
  • Prayer – Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us (Will