Listen Up!

Feel free to share Scripture and messages recorded live during our 10 am worship service.   Or maybe you simply want to listen again–or you missed it the first time around!   

February 2020

Jesus for the World

Scripture Reference:  Matthew 5:13-16

Faithfully Waiting

Scripture Reference:  Luke 2:22-39

January 2020

A Sense of Who We Are Called to Be

Reference Scripture:  Matthew 4:12-23

A Sense of Who He Is

Scripture Reference:  John 2:1-11

A Sense of Who We ARe

Scripture references:  Acts 10:34-38 & Matthew 3:13-17

From the Least of Thee

Scripture reference:  Matthew 2: 1-6

December 2019

Joseph In Egypt (no, not that one)

Scripture reference:  Matthew 2: 13-23 

Crashing the Veil

Scripture reference:   Isaiah 7: 10-16, Matthew 1: 18-25


Here Comes the Son

Scripture references:  Isaiah 35: 1-10 and Matthew 11: 1-11

Fruits Worthy of Repentance

Scripture reference:  Isaiah 11: 1-10 and Matthew 3: 1-12