Prayer Garden

The arboretum at First United Methodist Church serves the community as a sanctuary for prayer and reflection while creating an ecosystem for pollinators and birds through its variety native plants.   The garden was started in 2019 with the installation of a paved brick seating/wandering area and the initial planting of trees for shade.  It continues to evolve as we place beautiful native to attract wildlife and benefit our environment.   Stop for a few moments of peace.   Stop to observe the small birds and pollinators.   Stop for peace and prayer.  
To learn more about the specific plants in the garden, visit our collections page on the NPONA website.
Native Plants of North America (NPONA)
Lady Brid Johnson Wildflower Center hosts a comprehensive database of native plants and lists our garden’s collection.  The Native Plants of North America database serves as a great resource for learning about native plants and their benefits to the ecosystem.    Link to First UMC’s collection and the registry page below.