Sabbath Servant Resources

Here you will find a listing of resources for our Sabbath Servants.   If you wish to serve, please contact the church office.

Clean Team

During the pandemic, extra cleaning effort will be applied before and after each worship service and/or event.   

Check In Greeters/Ushers

To facilitate contact tracing, should it be necessary, every event will have a record of those in attendance.   For worship, a check in kiosk will be staffed with a greeter/usher trained to enter data into the church attendance records system.   


Ushers are the first to be encountered by our worshiping community.   Their responsibilities are centered around our premise of the reverence for the health and lives of those entering the space.   As such, they will, with kindness, help us to keep all protocols established  Usher Instructions

Counters/Financial Office

Another of those “invisible” servant roles, those responsible for processing offerings and donations have a set of protocols to follow.