September 2020


Scripture reference:  Exodus 14:19-31 CCLI streaming license CSP:142417  

August 2020

The Great I Am

“The Great I Am”  Scripture reference Exodus 3:1-15 CCLI streaming license CSP:142417

The Homecoming

Reference scripture:  Exodus 1:8 – 2:10   CCLI streaming license CSPL142417


Reference scripture:  Genesis 45:1-15   CCLI streaming license CSPL142417

The Journey Home audio

Sripture reference:  Genesis 12:5b-7, 33:18-20, 48:21-22   CCLI streaming license CSPL142417

Aug 2 2020 – The Potlatch

Scripture reference:  Matthew 14:13-21

July 2020

If God Be For (BEFORE) Us

Scripture reference Romans 8:26-39  

The House of God

Scripture Reference:  Genesis 28:10-19

Dumb & Dumber

Scripture reference:  Matthew 11:16-19 and 25-30

June 2020

Complaint Department