With Us, For Us, In Us

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Scripture references: Psalm 68:1-11 and Acts 1:1-11
Participating in today’s service:
Pastor: Rev. Lloyd J. Jones  Piano: Ms. Kathy Combs
Guest pianist: Miss Addison Hodgson  Flute: Ms. Sabrina Thomas
Guitar & vocal for How Great Thou Art: Mr. Ryan Miller
Liturgist: Ms. Brooke Hodgson

Musical selections:
Prelude — How Beautiful (T. Paris, 1990, arr J. Raney 2008), Kathy Combs & Sabrina Thomas
Opening – How Great Thou Art (Boberg, translated by Hine 1949), Ryan Miller
Prayer – Softly & Tenderly (Will L. Thompson, 1880), Kathy Combs
Anthem – Faith of Our Fathers (Faber, 1849) Addison Hodgson
Closing – In Christ Alone (Townend/Getty, 2002), Kathy Combs

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