Power in the Time of Exile

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Scripture reference: Acts 17:22-31
Participating in today’s service:
Pastor: Rev. Lloyd J. Jones
Music Director and Organist: Ms. Laura Ritter
Ensemble: Jill Bruce, Celeste Coward, Lindsey Cutshaw, Pat Herman, Catherine Sams, Sabrina Thomas
Piano: Clay Oglesby
Cello: D. Scot Williams

Musical selections:
Prelude — Cello Suite, Prelude (J. S. Bach), D. Scot Williams
Opening – Amazing Grace (John Newton, 1900) – ensemble
Prayer – Wye Valley (Raymond Haan, 2015), Laura Ritter
Anthem – O Love (Elaine Hagenberg, 2016), Choral Ensemble
Closing – Spirit Song (John Wimnber, 1979) – ensemble

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